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Leveraging Technology to Prepare Your Engineering Firm for the Future

How do Consulting Engineers, or any other Professional Business Services, approach Digital Transformation?

Strategically, firms have understood the importance of technology for years, but rapid technology advancement over the last twenty years (think Cloud, Big Data, Mobility, AI etc.) has delivered a set of innovative tools that enable you to completely transform the way in which your business works and grows.

Technology for Service Optimization: Digitize your assets, streamline your workflows and enable document & records management

In the professional space, particularly Consulting Engineering, documentation and communication are a key asset and often the product of your work. It is therefore critical to control and own your information, documentation and data and all interactions thereof with clients, staff and third parties. Aligné has embraced technology to drive success in engineering service delivery through optimizing its Project Information Management in the following key areas:

  • Consolidating all documentation and emails into a single, searchable and audit-able digital workspace, with a single source of the truth

  • Providing mobile capability to access key documentation, client information and communications at all times, such as being able draw up a snag list on site

  • Having a single overview of all communications on all projects and clients at all times

Utilizing technology to significantly enhance manual processes such as planning, document sharing & collaborating, ensures your firm manages and protects its knowledge, saves time and delivers consistently excellent service to your clients.

Technology means change: Understand this and embrace it

Working closely with the aligné team, you quickly realize the importance they place on the role of ownership and change management in any transformation initiatives they undergo. Throughout such initiatives, their executive committee is thoroughly involved in communicating to the business on the ‘why’ behind the business changes, and the reason for adoption new technologies.

It is natural that change of systems and processes will face resistance, but the leaders of the business maintained, with clarity, the purpose of the investment and intended outcomes.

Throughout technology implementations, whether it is enabling time tracking on a mobile device or enhancing your entire management reporting function, it’s how you engage with the people driving such process that determines success. If you in turn then select the right technology partner, change can drive efficiency, profitability and business success.

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