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The Business Continuity Value of a Digital Workplace

But most companies struggle with isolated knowledge workers and a limited understanding of business expertise. Corporate knowledge is trapped in the minds, memory, and messages of your workforce, and these barriers hamper productivity, decrease employee awareness, and cripple innovation.

Digital workplace solutions are all about breaking down those barriers. They’re about creating connections between the people, information, and processes your employees need in order to do their jobs more efficiently and effectively, and they make you more agile, productive, and competitive.


Top time wasters at work

There’s no shortage of office distractions that can take you away from the task at hand. Depending on your goals, here are a few of the biggest culprits that can help frame the business value of a digital workplace.

Managing Email

A typical knowledge worker spends 7 hours per week reading, sorting, and replying to emails. This equates to 432 hours or 54 days per year. One-third of this time is spent on questionable tasks, like reading “reply all” messages, reverse engineering email threads, and trying to locate attachments.

Duplicating Work

Employees spend an estimated 2.5 hours a day duplicating or re-creating work that already has been done. Reinventing the wheel over and over again.

  • IDC (International Data Corporation): this costs companies on average R 82 000 per employee per year

Searching for People and Information

Information is scattered throughout the business and workers spend 2.5 hours per week searching for people and information within the company. Critical data is locked away in inboxes, file systems, and in employees’ heads.

  • IDC (International Data Corporation): this costs companies on average R 120 000 per employee per year

Attending Bad Meetings

Meetings are costly and a significant drain on productivity. According to, between 31 - 50% of your time is spent in meetings:

  • Majority of these meeting are considered unproductive

  • The average employee attends 62 meetings per month

  • 91% of meeting attendees report daydreaming, 39% sleeping

Understanding the Strategy Link

Before you can even begin to think about how to measure the value, you need to clearly understand your business strategy. Context matters; alignment is critical. If intangible assets are not aligned to the strategy, then little value can be created.


Download this guide to explore the benefits of a digital workplace can have for your business.

Business Continuity, ROI & the Value of
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